Personal Training

Developing shooters is what we do! In order to do that, we limit the amount of participants at during our training session to 15. We offer 1 hour and 2 hour training session that run for  8 weeks.


All Four Point Basketball Clinics are directed by OBA certified coaches, with additional support from former CIS, OCAA and NCAA players. 

Camps and Clinics

Our camps and clinics are designed to fix technical aspect of shooting that we believe can be addressed over the course of a summer or small group training, once the foundation has been put in place. Understanding that basketball is more then just shooting, participants work on team concepts in regards to movement,  game situation decision making and one-on-one moves. 


 The Jr. NBA curriculum takes children through a series of drills and activities that address basketball fundamentals. 


Jr. NBA programming feature basketball drills and modified games on a lowered rim that are age-appropriate, simple and fun. Each session runs for 45 minutes, one day per week.  

Upcoming events

No upcoming events.


Extraordinary Energy

“I have known Jey-son for the better part of two decades and in everything he does, he brings extraordinary energy, passion, and focus. Jey-son has been involved in several of our programs and he always adds significant value to athletes and staff alike. I know anything Jey-son takes on, he does so with excellence. ” ~ Mano 

A Different Perspective

 “Jey-son really helped me to see the game from a different perspective. He helped me with my one-on-one moves and more importantly, when and how to use the moves to get open.  There are a lot of areas Jey-son focuses on that most coaches overlook.” ~ Devisha 

Advance Techniques

“If you want to take your training to another level, there aren’t to many places that can compare with Four Point Basketball. You’ll learn many advance techniques and have the chance to clean-up your fundamentals. You will improve and I guarantee you’ll become a shooter and overall player.” ~ Spencer